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On New Years Resolutions

There is no shame in it, everyone does it right? The dreaded, awful New Years resolution. Last year I decided I would focus on pretty clear goals and on one front was quite successful and on the other failed miserably. I think this means you should maybe not have too many goals. 

Last Year

Resolution One: The Books

102! That's a lot of books!

My first resolution in 2014 was to read more. A lot more. To read 100 books. It wasn't until after I made this decision that I realized that was two books a week. Thank god for graphic novels. I was really gung-ho for this apparently, and I'm super pleased to say I actually managed it and that it was great! I read things I wouldn't normally read, I read faster, I consumed and consumed and I relearned to love comics. It was great. 

Mission Accomplished.

Resolution Two: Draw More

There was a story behind this. It involved False Cats as you might guess.

I really wanted to improve my drawing and illustration skills. It seemed reasonable at the time, in the post New Years Eve haze, to do one drawing or illustration a week. No big deal right? 

It was a big deal and an UTTER FAILURE.

I did nine drawings and the whole thing petered out by April. No good. Mission failed.

This Year

Since it failed last year, I'm going to return to drawing and this time I'm going to focus on it. None of this two goals at a time nonsense. I'm also loosening up the requirements. One a month, but it has to be relatively involved. It has to be ambitious in some way. It may or may not be part of a project that has been on my back burner. It will get done!

Rock on 2015, I am all over this.