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On Platform Changes

I've gone through a pretty wide range of websites in the past. Originally, I was all about hand coding things myself, for I was an upstart CS student and figured other options were for the weak.

Now, I tend to feel that I have better things I could be doing than spending a TON of time on coding. I do have a day job after all, and while I like to keep a modicum of my skills with CSS and HTML up to date, I found I really wanted to spend more time futzing with design and working on content than tweaking the code. 

So, for awhile I had the whole site running on Typepad. A few years of that and the whole web shifted a bit, and I knew I needed to look into getting poor, old Knickmeyer.Net into the new age of Mobile-Friendly design. I wanted to go responsive, and after hearing about a million ads for Squarespace on every podcast I listen to, I decided to give it a shot. 

I signed up for the free trial and it really only took about a day for me to fall in love. There are a few weaknesses here and there, but damn, you guys, it is so easy to get this stuff up and running and looking well-nigh phenomenal. Also, cheaper than my previous solutions! 

Anyway, that is the story of the new website. I'll hopefully get back into blogging a bit here in this new space, but if you were subscribed to any of my old blogs that never got updated anymore, you'll need to resubscribe here.