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deem - \DEEM\\


1 : to come to think or judge : consider
2 : to have an opinion : believe

Havers of Opinions

There's a thing about 1 am at Joe's. That late at night the boy's have had a few. More than a few maybe. Maybe even quite a lot. Tending bar I try to keep track, to know who's too gone and who is just shy of too gone. That's not the thing though.

Barney is usually the first to get truly boisterous. He has the kind of voice that blusters like a strong wind and the more beers he had the louder the storm. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have to talk politics.

Barney has opinions. He owns opinions like a religious nut or a member of a cult. I tune him out but little Andy Pratchet can't do it. You can see the tension in his hunched shoulders escalate with each explosion issuing from old Barney's lips. He's a tiny, red grenade waiting to go off. See, because Andy has opinions too. 

It only takes about fifteen minutes before the two are screaming at each other. Glasses of beer swinging dangerously between them, tipping and sloshing wetly onto my floor. I'll have to clean that up later. Barney leans over Andy like some gnarled and very angry oak tree. Andy is a viper hissing and snapping around Barney tossing barbed words like darts from a blow gun.

It ain't pretty, is mostly what I'm saying. Andy and Barney are only the beginning of course, because at 1 am every drunk in the world is a Haver of Opinions. There's still an hour to closing and I surely can't pry Andy and Barney apart and at least they haven't exchanged blows. The rest of the bar alights with more yelling and posturing. I try to let it slide over me while I start closing up tabs. By 1:45 I'll need to start tossing people out anyway.

When I've pushed the last drunk out the door and the bar is finally, blissfully silent, I grab a mop and start to clean up the spilled beer. I hum to myself as I do and try to imagine a world where no one gives a shit about anything. It sounds almost lovely.