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Addendum to Social Networking Demographics

Interesting things happened today that I felt impacted some of the things I talked about in the last blog post.  First, Facebook bought FriendFeed. What's that got to do with anything? Well, that particular bit of news lets us know that Facebook is doing anything but standing still. Buying FriendFeed gives them a great deal of talent more than anything else. After all, FriendFeed doesn't have anywhere near the usage that Facebook does. What it does have, is a bunch of very smart people working on it who are now working on Facebook.

I theorized last time that the demographic numbers indicated that potentially older users were moving from Twitter to Facebook. It seems that Facebook may actually be gunning for those very users by pushing Twitter features on their platform. 

See here: Facebook Launches Realtime Search

The Mashable article mentions that along with realtime search that will easily compete with Twitter's search, Facebook will also allow users to post their status updates publicly - essentially making them into Twitter tweets.

In any case, there is a lot of interesting movement going on in this space. Keep your eyes open.